Dropping Babies for Good Luck & Good Health

TOPIC: bizarre, sad, religious rituals

You are not alone if you think superstitions and religious beliefs are innocuous personal choices and harmless forms of self-expression. But check this out — a brief video of religious devotees tossing babies off a building in some kind of "good luck" ritual:


A brief description can be found all over the web now as various news agencies and blogs have picked this up. For example at:


But we all might benefit from the moderating influence at a site devoted to renewed anthropological perspectives in this article focusing on anthropology and the popular media:


Also very interesting right now: despite the almost month-long time since the original story, there's a surprising dearth of real information about this particular ritual and its practitioners &hellip I've been looking but have found only hundreds of copies (some more true to the original than others) of some original news blurb and lots of hysteria. I'll post again when I find further, perhaps less sensationalized, information.

UPDATE: the original news piece seems to be the following from CNN